For the people, by

The People.

For the people, by The People.

It’s a beautiful day to have a beautiful day!

Rug Radioᴳᴹ is the first fully decentralized media platform. What does this mean? It means that our community, our hosts, and you own the platform you participate in. Why is it important? Because we need to own the memes, the conversations and the narrative. Ownership means we each get to decide what we consume, how it's delivered, and we all benefit from the abundance we create through it.

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A token yielding Utility NFT that sets the cadence and exchange within the ecosystem. This means the longer you hold your Utility NFT, the more tokens you will receive.

If you purchase a Membership Pass on the secondary market after minting had started at 4pm ET on 1/11, please click here to check that it’s an unused mint pass using the token ID.


There is a 72 hour minting window opening at 4pm ET on 1/11 & closing at 4pm ET on 1/14. At the end of the 72 hours, any unclaimed NFTs will be opened to a public sale

Minting a RugNFT is only available to holders of the RugRadio Membership Pass

Reveal of the RugNFTs will occur on the 1/14 LIVE on RugRadio Twitter spaces with an interactive experience

The only way $RUG is produced is via the Utility NFT. They produce $RUG for 5 years

Each NFT has a daily production of $RUG depending on the rarity

20,000 Utility NFTs launch for 0.111 ETH
View collection on Opensea

Artwork designed to be a Twitter header image/background image

11 of the NFTs are 1 of 1’s

Mint Now
*Mint Price 0.111 ETH


RugDAO represents the heart of the RugRadio decentralized structure. The DAO will store the value created in the network and will house the governance of the whole platform.

The $RUG and $RDAO tokens are slow released over time. This means the DAO will grow slowly with them to ensure decentralization. A governance council will be created through a public election process.

This council will represent the community for the first 6 months of the DAO.

The DAO is how the community hold long term ownership in the ecosystem.

Community Ownership

A community DAO with a mixed NFP/FP structure custom built by SyndicateDAO to meet the needs of a large community offering

Total circulation of 170,000 $RDAO Tokens

Holding 1000 ETH in assets on launch

70% of secondary sales proceeds

Caretaker of RugBANK

Membership Pass

A Rug Radioᴳᴹ Membership Pass is step one in getting you set up as an owner in the Rug ecosystem. You will use this Membership Pass as a mint pass to our genesis drop, however, it is more than a mint pass. Your Membership Pass will be the key to how you connect to and derive value from the Rug Radioᴳᴹ ecosystem. You can think of it as an all-access pass to everything Rug Radioᴳᴹ.

We highly recommend you hold onto your Membership Pass tight! We have big plans for you!


What is A Membership Pass

Your Membership Pass is two things.

A mint pass for the Rug Radioᴳᴹ Genesis NFT launch in January 2022.

Your pass to connect into and derive value from the Rug Radioᴳᴹ ecosystem.

Value Props

Our member passes are a first-of-kind on-chain system that will allow us to do all kinds of amazing things with you, our members, after launch. This pass is like the golden ticket to all the value we want to co-create with you.

*Having multiple Membership Passes will not get you extra benefits within the Rug Radioᴳᴹ ecosystem other than giving you additional mints for the genesis launch.


The Rug Radioᴳᴹ Launch is upon us. Below is a quick snapshot of what to expect over the coming month.


Pre-sale for our whole community to create a truly fair drop


Gas Friendly Membership Pass Drop (12/22)


Launching our Tokenomics structure to Members


New Rug Radioᴳᴹ Show Schedule Debut


Genesis NFT Drop & Full Platform Launch on 1/11/22 for 0.111 ETH
(1 Membership Pass = 1 NFT)

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