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Jazzi Richardson

Jazzi Richardson is a multi-faceted creative, entrepreneur, and artist advocate. With over 15 years in entertainment, her music has been showcased on multiple major television networks such as Vh1, E!, Adult Swim, BET and more. Upon entering web3 she continues to support artists and push the space forward with her own in hand.

November 2, 2022
The Intersection of IRL and Web3

The Intersection of IRL and Web3

What do you do first? Grab your phone, of course. You open the bird app to find people already well into their day and see heated, intellectual conversations up and down your timeline. Then, you join a twitter space with a seemingly interesting topic, and as you swing your legs out of bed and onto the floor, you throw up a few emojis to show people that you’re actually listening. And now, the countdown to “real” life begins.


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