Frequently Asked Questions

What $RUG and $RDAO? How do I claim them?

The $RUG Token is the utility token of the Rug Radio ecosystem. It can be earned by holding a Genesis NFT or through our rewards program by completing bounties and listening to shows.

The $RDAO Token is the governance token and represents your voting power within the RugDAO. To get $RDAO, you’ll need to swap $RUG tokens with the exchange rate being 1,800 $RUG = 1 $RDAO.

You can claim your $RUG tokens and swap for $RDAO on the dashboard. Once you’ve claimed the tokens, add them to your wallet using these contract addresses:
$RUG: 0xD2d8D78087D0E43BC4804B6F946674b2Ee406b80
$RDAO: 0x6235CAEea7C515DaC14060Ec23a760090655F21b

What is the difference between each NFT?

Membership Pass: Holding a Membership Pass allows you to participate in our Rewards Program where you can earn $RUG by engaging on Twitter, completing bounties, and participating in listen-to-earn.

Genesis NFT: In addition to the benefits of holding a Membership Pass, a Genesis NFT allows you to earn $RUG passively ranging from 5 - 11 $RUG per day (no staking needed)

Faces of Web3: This collection is our PFP designed in collaboration with artist Cory Van Lew. While this collection is primary for the art, holders are also able to participate in the Rewards Program.

As the Rug Radio ecosystem continues to expand, there will be additional use cases and utility for each NFT.

How can I listen to shows on Rug Radio?

Most of our shows are currently hosted on Twitter Spaces, Twitter's live social audio feature, but we are working to onboard new creators and create content across all major platforms, in addition to building our own platform.

Schedules may vary based on host availability, but the latest show schedules are posted daily on our Twitter and can be found on the show schedule page of our Wiki.

How can I become a creator with Rug Radio?

We’re currently working on restructuring the process to ensure the best experience for our creators, but applications will reopen within the next couple of months.

In the meantime, fill out our creator interest form and you’ll be first to know when applications reopen.

Who can I contact about partnerships or sponsorships?

Check out our partnerships page where you can find the application and media kit.

What is RugDAO?

RugDAO represents the heart of the RugRadio decentralized structure. The DAO is how the community holds long term ownership in the ecosystem. As more people join, it will get more and more decentralized over time.

To review stats about the RugDAO, such as holders and treasury, check out the $RDAO Dune Dashboard.

How can I submit a proposal to the DAO?

You can submit ideas in the proposal-ideas forum in our Discord (Token gated for $RDAO holders only).

We are currently in the process of building a formal, more robust platform where proposals, commentary, and voting will all live in one place.

How can I vote on proposals?

You can vote on active proposals on Snapshot

Where can I find the treasury and team wallets?
Where can I learn more about Rug Radio?

Check out our wiki which has everything that you need to know about Rug Radio

How can I stay up to date with Rug Radio?

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Rug Radio is the first fully decentralized media platform.