Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Claim $RUG?

STEP 1: Watch this video to learn how to claim $RUG tokens and to see if a Genesis NFT has already been used to claim the bonus.

STEP 2: Go to the dashboard to claim your $RUG tokens. If you have more than 20 Genesis NFTs, the ability to batch mint more than 20 is coming very soon, the tech team is on it!

STEP 3: Add the token to your MetaMask. To do so, open your MetaMask, then go to "Assets", then at the bottom hit "import tokens". Once you are there, click on "custom token" and paste the follow contract address: 0xd2d8d78087d0e43bc4804b6f946674b2ee406b80

Is There Any Deadline For Claiming $RUG Tokens?

No you can claim at any time. Your tokens accumulate until you claim. You will need to pay gas per claim.

How Can I Check If A Genesis NFT Has Claimed $RUG Tokens?

Go to the dashboard and click on the highlighted blue link. Enter the token ID to check

Where Can I Buy $RUG Tokens?

$RUG is a pure utility token designed to be used within the RugRadio ecosystem. Rug Radio has not created any liquidity pools and any available liquidity pools are not endorsed or supported by this project.


Rug Radio is the first fully decentralized media platform.