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Rug DAO Hour

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Web3 Open Mic

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web3 queeroes

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Sheepy Sunday Space

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4:30 am EST
Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Mika & Friends


"Mika & Friends" is your go-to late-night, 4-hour-long twitter space that takes you on a whirlwind journey across communities nationwide, exploring news, NFTs, and web3's philosophical impact. Tune in to dive deep into global innovations, and enjoy a healthy dose of laughter and fun as we embrace the present moment together

7pm EST

Kayos Theory


Buckle up and get ready to dive into Kayos Theory, the show that explores uncovers life's cheat codes. Our podcast offers insightful discussions on self discovery, entrepreneurship, and success delivered with an edgy twist that's not for the faint of heart. We'll guide you through the underbelly of existence, sharing out-of-the-box strategies and unconventional tips to help you carve your own path to success. 

8pm EST
Monday & Wednesday

GN Web3


1:30 pm EST
Every Tuesday

Comptoir AI


Generative AI interviews with experts: entrepreneurs, artists, researchers...

Every Monday

Comptoir des Marques

Paul Caucheteux
Devak Devendran

French show about brands, marketing and communication in Web3

12pm EST

The Buster Show

Buster Scher

Interviewing some of the most interesting people on the planet!

5pm EST

Views of Web3

Melissa Henderson
Autumn Phaneuf

Join the ultimate source for emerging technology and blockchain news and insights! Are you eager to stay ahead of the curve and be part of a global community of creators and innovators? Look no further than Violet Verse. Our Web3 Lifestyle Brand delivers exclusive interviews with top blockchain experts, thought-provoking essays, and featured reports from creators around the world. Discover the latest trends and innovations that are changing the game in the world of tech. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Web3 technology and get inspired by the most brilliant minds in the industry. Tune in to Violet Verse on Rug Radio today! 

5:30 PM EST


Richard Zheng

UNHRD is a show dedicated to highlighting underrepresented and up and coming artists in the NFT space. We also have discussions on important topics in the space with leading creators, collectors, and more. 

9pm EST
Tuesdays & Thursdays

MLC Show

Mike Grant
Matt Jones

Midlife Crysis was founded on a simple principal. To bring back the lost art of genuine human connection. Matty Mints and Mikey G are two lifelong friends of over 30 years, and since childhood have always dreamed of building a business and wealth together. This dream became a reality 2 years ago when they formed Midlife Crysis and started streaming on Twitch. We with the help of a small team, they have built a thriving community around a Web3 themed show that is stream live. Rather than the typical AMA interview format, we bring on project founders, Web3 influencers and companies to dive into the “human” element of the NFT space. We have long form (2+ hour) relaxed conversations so the Web3 community can see the real people who are moving the NFT space forward. Former guests on the show have described the show as the best experience happening right now in the Web3 space. We focus on the “why” more than the “what” and discuss both the good and bad in the space in an honest way.

9am EST


Nikita Cikaluk

We share the stories and the origins of some of the biggest movers and shakers in Web3 in the UK and Europe. We create an intimate space to reveal the origins of who our guests while growing the European Web3 community.

12:30 pm EST
Tuesday to Friday

Lex Line

ray genco
Carlo D'Angelo

The intersection of Web3 law and culture.

9:30am EST

Artist Journal

Adrian Pocobelli

A salon on the NFT art market and collecting on the Tezos blockchain and beyond.

4pm EST



RugRoast provides projects an opportunity to showcase what they have built and receive feedback and a rating, but beware... the hosts will be brutally honest.

3pm EST

The Sheepy Show


Web3 education and onboarding in a simple way. Sheepy's lighthearted commentary on the week's happenings along with articles and analytics brings you everything you need to know to understand Web3.

12pm EST

La Bodega (NFTs and Web3)

Ruben Dario Ramirez
Aimos (Pedro vasquez)
Sterling Ventura
ilitch Peters

La Bodega is a "Spanglish" Web3 and NFTs space where we provide educational, informative, and inspiring content- in the most fun, and entertaining ways possible.

3pm EST

NFT Fine Art

Erin McGean

Talking about NFT Fine Art with artists working in traditional and digital media and the collectors who love them.

1pm EST

Rekt Radio


Morning show for NFTs, + show interviewing risk takers across different fields

11am EST

Web3 Africa

Taslemat Yusuf

Web3 Africa is about sharing about the amazing African talent we have in Web3 while telling our stories ourselves without waiting for others to do it for us.

3pm EST

🍪 Fresh On the Blockchain ⛓

Janey Park

A weekly show covering the intersection 💥 of Culture & Commerce in Fashion 👠Streetwear 👟 Comics 🦸🏻‍♀️and anything that’s... 🍪 Fresh On the Blockchain ⛓️ Interviews that dig deep to uncover the brands 🫶🏻 origin stories 🌐 and what’s fresh 🍪

3pm EST

Audio Galleries

Ben White

 Audio Galleries - interviewing emerging and established artists on important topics in the art/web3 space - whilst getting to know them, their inspiration, process, cultural references and plans for the future! I’ll host the show weekly, interviewing an emerging or established artist. And during the show share an open edition mint for pass holders only. It’ll run for say 24 hours and the community will determine the supply.

6pm EST

In Web3!?


4pm EST

On The Other Side

Brayan Del Castillo

A show focused on Emotional Intelligence in Web3 - interviewing artists, creators, and project founders and speaking about their journey.

9pm EST

B.S. Radio

Illuminated babe / Bianca

The pillars of B.S. Radio are hot mess comedy, genuine conversation, and the centering of web3 artists, specifically women, people of color, queer people, and trans artists. We exist as an oasis of black joy, and we aim to preserve the history through irreverent and sincere conversations.

8:30 pm EST

Growth Mindset Moment

Alissa Jordan, Esq
Ronald Jordan

We uncover the protocols and practices the professionals use to maintain sanity and create happiness. Sharing the stories of others who "made it" gives our Tuesday Live Crew fam the tools to start their own journeys.

11am EST

WVRP'd Music Mondays

Jeff Nicholas
Lindsey Byrnes

A deep dive into all things music x web3.

10:30am-12pm EST
Monday to Friday

GM Web3


8pm EST

Decentralized Convos

The Crypto Duchess

Spicy news and raw truths about Web3. We cover various hot topics and invite guests from the Web3 (and Web2) space to share their stories and expertise.

2pm EST

Web3 Media Frens

Minty Fresh Vibes

Rug Radio's 1st video show is as crazy as you've heard. Innovative and irreverent, we are a Web 2.5 show that covers the Web3 space for artists, creators, founders, and entrepreneurs with blockchain integration and a focus on overlooked and underrepresented leaders.

2pm EST


Normandy Whale
Samy Berhouni

The weekly French show to know everything about Web3, with exclusive guests every week. Web3 News: NFT, crypto, and interviews with expert guests.

12pm EST

Web3 Showbiz

Arturo Choclán

Navigating the entertainment industry, culture, and web3 from a legal and business perspective.

10am EST
Monday to Friday

Asia Web3 Mfers

Wacky Chainer

Daily show unwrapping the Asia NFT scene, being a Mfer in Web3 & smoking hopium.

6pm EST

Sunday Dinner


Sunday Dinner - A show to highlight creators in builders in WEB3, while educating the community. 

8pm EST

It was all a Meme!

Tyler Warner

Everything to know about Memes and the Meme market in one hour each week

8pm EST

open mic

Leo Pastel

a community for musicians to share their work and receive feedback if they wish — open mic come play your music

10pm EST

Non-Fungible Creators

Non-Fungible TC

Market Updates / People / Projects

8am EST
Wednesdays & Fridays

NFTs Gem


The No.1 Bilingual/Mandarin Show Bridging Global NFT Industry With Chinese Web3 Communities.

12am EST
Wednesdays & Fridays

One Big Idea

Austin Hurwitz

A look inside the minds of the brightest founders, creators, and thought leaders shaping the space. 

5pm EST

Nerd Out w/ LCOA

Jason Primrose (Evolutionary1_)
Tara Fung

NERD OUT w/LCOA is a fun-filled experience of storytelling, founder/artist panels, community convos, hot topics, philosophical debates, shade, and self-expression. Here we explore topics others might shy away from, but through the lens of curiosity, not judgment. We embrace the opportunity to Nerd Out with our Web2 and Web3 family, hoping to bridge the two worlds together with thoughtful conversations.


Rug Radio is the first fully decentralized media platform.