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Sabrina Khan

Sabrina Khan is an author and painter exploring the vast world of web3 through her writing and art. Follow her on Twitter @sabrinaxdoll and make sure you say hi!

July 13, 2022
Nouns Founded a Kingdom and Crowned Us Kings

Nouns Founded a Kingdom and Crowned Us Kings

One noun, every day, forever. The mantra of this colorful and charming collection is the epitome of generative art. An ideal that promises to persist through eternity and pave a path for digital art’s permanence. Nouns are 32x32 pixel images of people, places, and things, each with the iconic square glasses. An eclectic and diverse cornucopia of cows, strawberries, eggs, planets, crowns and more take on a life and character all their own. People dream it, do it, the world loves it. The goal is to cement Nouns as part of the culture so that everyone recognizes these varicolored, endearing characters. They begin to represent a cultural movement led by the people, instead of by a company or corporation. The characters are not at the mercy of any governing body, but by individuals who fell in love with the art and the mission of the project.


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