Rewards System: What to Expect Now and Going Forward

September 29, 2022

What to Expect Now and Going Forward

As you are probably aware, Rug Radio is building our Participate-to-Govern Loyalty Rewards System.

Read on to understand what to expect as we roll out the program over the next several months.

Step-By-Step Build in Collaboration with the DAO

Starting this week, we begin our Rewards System build in partnership with our DAO community and Studio Artemisia. We’re starting slowly by taking measured and methodical steps in full transparency and communication with the DAO community.

While Studio Artemisia, led by Artemysia-X, has been developing, testing, and proving the Rewards System model in Web3 for over a year, we want to make sure that we’re building a tailored and effective program that can be the foundation for greater things to come.

(NOTE: We’re starting small with a waitlist for our alpha tester group, with people being added on a rolling basis until our launch to all holders, and the amount of $RUG you can earn and ways you can earn will be adjusted over time, but these will be increased as we build.)

Testing and Auditing Every Step of the Way

Web3 and DAOs are really a whole new ball game. The rules have not been written yet and the landscape is constantly changing and evolving.

So, even though the market can be lightning-paced, the best practices and long-term solutions have not been set yet.

That’s why we’re building slowly and methodically, layer-by-layer, and testing and auditing every step of the way. The sky is the limit, but we want the foundation to be strong, so we can continue building for generations to come.

Full Transparency and Collaboration with the DAO Community

Communication will be in a dedicated category of channels in Discord where we’ll keep people informed in real time about where we’re at with the build and get constant feedback along the way.

Join our Discord to get involved.

We’ll publish a weekly blog, regular Twitter updates (don’t forget to turn on notifications!), and Discord updates. We’ll also be doing weekly AMAs on Wednesdays where you can hear the latest updates and ask questions.

Increasing Utility Building Layer-by-Layer

We’ll start by rewarding Twitter engagement. The rewards will be small as we gauge participation and growth rates.

It’s a balancing act to get the internal economy flowing consistently with $RUG going out into the community through participation and flowing back in through swaps for $RDAO and for prizes in our store. We need to get this right.

After Twitter is balanced, we’ll move on to Discord, with more added as each layer is proven and solidified. 

A Rewards Store Stocked with Awesome Prizes from Our Partners

A key component of the Rewards System is creating an internal economy that gives your $RUG utility.

We’ll be partnering with amazing projects to offer you allow list spots, free mints, and NFTs that you can exchange your $RUG for. We are also open to ideas from the community about what you want to see in the store. Other things we might include, depending on community interest, are art by community-curated artists and exclusive deals on access to Web3 app subscriptions.

Let us know what you want to see in the store!


LFG! Read more about our Rewards System and learn how to start earning $RUG by being an active member of the Rug Radio community!


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