The Top 3 Things To Know About Needing Your Own Domain + Email

September 26, 2022

In today's digital world, it's more important than ever to have your own domain and email address. Not only does it give you a professional online presence to help you stand out from your competition, it also keeps your customers safe. It shows you're serious about digital security and, best of all, it's easy and affordable to get started.

1) Why You Need Your Own Domain

Think about your own bias when you see a company operating without a custom domain. Do they seem more or less serious about building their business and brand presence? An added benefit is that custom domains reduce the risk of scammers co-opting your brand to take advantage of your community. With the number of online-only businesses growing daily, it's important to take every measure to stand out from the competition.

2) How to Get Your Own Domain

Getting your own domain is easy and affordable. Search no further than Google Domains ( and use a domain name that matches your username on social media.

3) How to Use Your Domain & Email

Once your domain and email are set up, there are endless possibilities for how to use them.

- no website just yet? Forward the domain to a Calendly page or a Google form

- looking to build relationships with a variety of different customers   and collectors? set up multiple email addresses, each with a different purpose, and forward to your main email account

- want to increase safety from phishing attacks? create custom emails for each across each platform you use

There's no good reason why you should wait on securing your own domain and email address in today's market. They're simple and affordable. As well as having brand and security benefits for both businesses and individuals.

Security Tip: Use separate email addresses for each platform/account you have to ensure hackers only know of one account - rather than all of your accounts.


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