3 Tips for Growing Your Project's Audience on Twitter

October 6, 2022

Social media is debatably the most important indicator for the success of your NFT project. If you can build and engage an audience over time, your project can thrive. If you cannot, it will be very difficult to succeed over time. When it comes to social media, Twitter is the most popular tool used in Web3.

If you're looking to grow your project's audience on Twitter, here are three tips to keep in mind.

1. Consistency is king

One of the best ways to grow your audience on Twitter is to be consistent with your content. Find when your audience is most engaged (this is typically in the Eastern (EST) Time Zone mornings for NFT Twitter), and put out content consistently during these times to maximize engagement. Post every single day, even twice a day if you can. If you struggle to post content every day, I recommend setting up a weekly content calendar and scheduling out your content. Typefully.com is a great tool for this as well.

If you struggle to set up a content calendar, what helps me set up a calendar is the following:

  • Write out what you’re looking to deliver from a project point of view (roadmap deliverable, mint, collaboration, etc.) and create timelines for all of them.

  • Once the timelines are created, work a calendar around announcing weekly updates and building a narrative for your project.

  • Finally, you work on creating daily posts - they can vary between threads, announcements, updates, and filler posts. Over time, your audience will look forward to these posts, and get used to you posting consistently over time.

2. Collaborate and engage with others

Another great way to grow your audience on Twitter is by collaborating with other users. This can be done by replying to others’ comments, retweeting relevant tweets, and joining other Twitter Spaces. Collaborating with other users will help you expand your reach and build relationships with potential supporters of your project.

Taking 30 mins in the mornings and 30 mins in the evening dedicated to outreach, building connections, and further engaging with your audience will work wonders for your audience over time. In Web3, everyone brings a unique experience and reason for being in this space. You never know who can end up being an essential part of your journey.

3. Find and stay true to what your audience is looking for.

It's important to remember that every user on Twitter has different needs and interests. In order to grow your audience on the platform, you need to find out what kinds of content your target audience is looking for and then provide that content on a regular basis.

Find why your users follow you, find what type of content sticks/doesn’t stick by trying new things, and use that data to your advantage. Avoid posting “shilly” tweets, these almost never gain much traction and can reduce your impact on your audience.

Instead of thinking “What can my followers do for me?” and think “How can I provide value to my followers?”, you will see that over time - your followers will appreciate that and look forward to your posts, as long as they’re consistent!

Twitter is a powerful tool that can be used to reach new audiences and grow your project's community, but it is all about using it effectively and patiently. By being consistent with your content, collaborating with other users, and finding and staying true to what your audience is looking for, you can quickly start growing your project's audience on the platform.

As fast as this space moves every day, it is massively important to think about the longer-time horizon, and how you can bring people on this journey with you.


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