Universal Studios Partners With Moonpay for NFT Scavenger Hunts

March 2, 2023

Universal Studios announced a partnership with Moonpay to launch an NFT-focused Scavenger Hunt. Here's what you need to know:

The Details

  • Until October 31st, 2022 visitors to Universal parks in California and Florida can join a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt
  • Hidden throughout each park will be QR codes that, when scanned, will mint an NFT showcasing Halloween character art
  • It’s said that the activation could mint up to 7 million NFTs
  • Visitors who scan all 7 QR codes receive a premium NFT from Moonpay, which will unlock perks
  • The campaign will use Moonpay’s platform, Hypermint, to allow for high-speed minting of the POAP-like NFTs

The Strategy

  • Partner with a respected player in the NFT ecosystem and access their tech, credibility, and expertise
  • Focus on customer engagement and long-term relationships over marketing or immediate revenue
  • Stick to what Universal does best:
  • An IRL experience
  • A novel and entertaining activation around an existing event (Halloween)
  • An activity that’s familiar to park-goers thanks to games like Pokemon Go!
  • Meet customers where they are on their web3 journey and take advantage of Universal Parks’ existing scale and foot traffic

The Review

While this won't register with early adopters of NFTs, I’d review this strategy by Universal Studios as a 4/5 on web2 → web3 transitions. A HIT.

Here's what Universal Studios did well:

  • An “inside out” approach focused on existing consumers instead of searching for new customers in the web3 ecosystem
  • A simple, fun, and approachable campaign that’s easy to understand, IRL, and doesn’t require downloads or any technical or web3 knowledge
  • A focus on data over a set, 6-week campaign, allowing them to: 
  • take the first step toward collecting this new data point
  • have enough time to capture customer data and test the tech for future improvements
  • develop a new channel to connect with customers and deliver value over time

Like what we saw in pre-internet → web1 and web1 → web2, many hurdles stand in the way of mass market adoption. Ease of use of the platforms and tech are the driving forces behind the growth of these movements. And that's where this strategy excels.

How they use this data once it’s collected is still unknown. It’s also unclear whether they'll use this new customer touchpoint to upskill and educate their customers on web3. Whatever their strategy, Universal Studios should be in a sound position for their next phase of web3 growth come November 1st.

Disclaimer: I meant this article to act as a review of Universal Studios’ recent web3 business decisions. It is not a reflection or statement of my views regarding other areas of their business.


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