7 Ways To Support Friends/Family With Mental Health

October 4, 2022

Last week, I got to share my mental health story with Ashley Vickers and the R Planet team. During the space, an audience member asked: how can folks in web3 that have no experience with mental illness support friends/family that need them? 

Here are the 7 recommendations:

Listen and Learn

Get familiar with the experiences of people living with mental illness BEFORE they need you. 

Search #mentalhealthweb3 #web3mentalhealth, etc. to find and listen to twitter spaces and check out this list for additional people and projects to follow: https://rebrand.ly/web3mentalhealth

Don't Assume Someone’s Needs

When you're approached for help, don’t jump to giving advice or insights. Ask, “how can I best show up for you right now? What would be most helpful to you at this moment?”

If They Don't Know, Offer Suggestions

Ask, "would you like my advice/insights? Would it be more helpful if I just listened?". People know best what they need - create opportunities to figure that out safely.

When In Doubt, Just Listen

There's no need to empathize with every scenario to make it relative to your experiences. It’s not at all about you - just listen. 

Don't Judge

Most people just want their feelings validated. They want to know what they’re feeling is real. It’s not about “right” or “wrong”, "good" or "bad - whatever they share, meet them with zero judgment.

No Two People Are The Same:

Mental health is a personal journey. No one is on it but that individual. This means, what works for one person in your life won't work for everyone. Start at the beginning with each new moment of support. 


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