Adam Bomb Squad 101: All About the Bombs

March 15, 2023

Adam Bomb Squad (ABS) is an Ethereum-based NFT collection of 25,000 hand-drawn bombs launched in the Summer of 2021 by the popular streetwear brand The Hundreds, created in 2003 by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar, 

Adam Bomb is The Hundreds’ iconic mascot and has accompanied a streetwear generation, popular in skater culture. In 2021, the team decided to turn its mascot into the face of a new NFT community with randomly generated jpegs of eccentric and colorful bombs.

The collection can be found on Rarible, OpenSea LooksRare. As of January 2023, the project has generated $37 million in total sales, reached a market capitalization of $5.3 million, over 8,400 owners of Adam Bombs, and a floor price of 0.19 ETH, or around $330, according to data from CoinGecko.

Reviewing Adam Bomb Squad: What is it and How Does It Work?

Each Adam Bomb has different attributes and accompanying backgrounds and grants holders membership cards that give exclusive benefits to the Adam Bomb Squad community, such as access to merchandise, events, and parties, and content prizes for upcoming drops with future collaborations.

The Hundreds’ team decided to launch a collection of 25,000 bombs, higher than the 10,000 average of most PFP projects today. 

This prioritizes less rush and FOMO placed on the project “selling out”, and instead focuses on its long-run future objectives, which include partnerships with other NFT projects in the future alongside building a broader web3 ecosystem.

This message is echoed throughout the site’s FAQ:

If it weren’t for bandwidth and logistics issues, we’d accommodate as many people as possible and give them elbow room in a frothy market. 25,000 NFTs gives our community their best shot at getting in early for a reasonable, base price.”

By launching with a greater quantity of NFTs rather than focusing on limited edition items, the Adam Bomb Squad team hopes to create a broader and more accessible community base and ecosystem. 

Users can buy and sell their Adam Bombs on the secondary market. Bomb holders receive 10% in royalties, while bomb holders with different attributes, such as green stickers, get 20% more in royalty, while blue and red get 50% and 100%, respectively. 

Each Bomb’s attributes include the following: 

  • Characters (Zombie Adam, Splatter Adam, etc.)
  • Bomb type (classic, collaboration, parody, pure, etc.)
  • Distribution (general release, limited edition, etc.)
  • Colorway (Zombie Grey, Splatter Black, Frankly Yellow, etc.)
  • Year
  • Spark
  • Background

Some Adam Bombs, like Black Adam, are unique and don’t belong to any category, while others might have 10 to 100 bombs within a single category, like the Action Adams.

Adam Bomb Squads NFTs were officially minted on August 27, 2021, quickly selling out for 0.1 ETH.

In mid-December 2021, the project registered one of its highest sales, $115k for Black Adam, the rarest bomb and The Hundreds’ mascot.

Being the owner of an ABS NFT means you have access to:

  • Membership to social media channels, like Discord, 
  • Upcoming events, including festivals and parties, such as panels hosted in Miami Art Week 
  • Exclusive merchandise and items from The Hundreds
  • Content prizes and allow-listing for future NFT projects and collaborations with partners

Other Collections From The ABS Project

The Hundreds has built two other off-shot projects, including:

  • Broken Backgrounds

Broken Backgrounds is an off-shoot generative art project derived from a glitch in the initial release of the Adam Bomb Squad NFTs, which resulted in 267 combinations of patterns, camouflage, and solid bases that were re-framed and added as traits to the ABS collection.   

This generative art project saw moderate success alongside ABS. The collection is currently traded on OpenSea, and as of January 2023, it has registered 185 owners and 11 ETH in total volume.

Badam Bomb Squad (BBS)

Badam Bomb Squad is the second release of The Hundreds NFT collection, part of the Adam Bomb Family. They were released in November 2021 as an NFT collection of 5000 profile-picture jpegs at 0.2 ETH.

BBS can be thought of at first as the counterparts of the vivid Adam Bombs —antisocial, red eyes with frowns and careless attitudes that give the impression of being the bad guys of the series. 

But according to The Hundreds, Badam Bombs were designed to reflect the misunderstanding and misconstrues that society usually throws upon individuals. The red eyes, for example, are not a reference to smoking but rather an allergic reaction, and the bandana, instead of being the typical bad boy symbol, is actually a cold compress, and the gold tooth protects a cavity, hence the frown. 

Badam Bomb Squad. Source: OpenSea.

The BBS NFTs were distributed through airdrops to the general public —roughly 1,113—while 3,387 were up for sale. 

At least 500 were stored in the BBS vault, and there were around 971 original BBS within the ABS collection.

Adam Bomb Squad Collaborations

The ABS project has collaborated with popular NFT projects its campaign called WEN COLLAB, in which they worked with Smilesss, a generative art collection that consists of 8,888 designed by digital artist Waheed Zai, who’s known for merging art and LEGO to recreate popular album covers, films, and celebrities.

The second collaboration came with BRAiN VOMiT, an NFT project comprising digital artwork NFTs, like BRAiN VOMiTS Garden and WEN LAMBOS NFTs. The collaboration consisted of merchandise featuring Adam Bombs and BRAiN VOMiT, including T-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories, which were quickly sold out. 

Adam Bomb Squad also collaborated with DeadFellaz, an Ethereum-based collection of over 10,000 randomly generated zombie-themed NFTs. It consisted of multiple podcast series, merchandise, and co-hosting events.

Behind Adam Bomb Squad: The Hundreds

Adam Bomb Squad was the brainchild of The Hundreds, a streetwear and NFT brand created in 2003 by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar, alongside a team of illustrators and entrepreneurs based in Los Angeles.

The Hundreds was founded in 2003, designing streetwear, eyewear, and a print magazine. It wasn’t until 2016 that the brand entered the crypto/Web3 realm around, issuing merchandise that could be bought with crypto. 

The Hundreds has built a loyal fanbase of hundreds of thousands of customers, reaching over 600k followers on Instagram.

The founders have said they want to become the leading fashion label in the real and digital worlds. Today, The Hundreds is considered a streetwear fashion icon and an NFT powerhouse by its community, a brand that connects clothing and tech. In 2011, Complex Magazine named The Hundreds as the fifth-greatest streetwear brand.

We can see users wearing The Hundreds merchandise in Decentraland, a metaverse game built on the Ethereum network. The merchandise can also be traded on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

Outside the metaverse, users can go to L(ABS), The Hundreds’ in-house printing mechanic, which allows users to design, buy and print their favorite bombs. 

Final Thoughts: ABS and Building an Expansive Ecosystem

For The Hundreds, the term community doesn’t seem to be just another buzzword thrown around in the crypto/Web3. With ABS, the team has been building an expansive community that can support and bring in more users to the Web3 era without having to sell limited edition NFTs that sell like hot bread. 

As per the team’s comments, the items within NFTs, such as exclusive merchandise, should be limited, but the drops themselves (minting and availability) should be limitless.

Adam Bomb Squad is yet to announce multiple collaborations and new drops for 2023 on BOMB Talk. In the meantime, The Hundreds continues to sell merchandise of ABS, announcing giveaways, and airdrops and promoting prizes through Discord and other social media channels.


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