Discord and web3: Nine Top Tips to Optimize Your Experience

November 10, 2022

Discord is a leading communications platform for NFT communities and web3 enthusiasts, accessible on computer, tablet and mobile. Discord allows you to join and create servers – spaces where groups get together to share information and chat. Servers are organized into text and voice channels, usually dedicated to specific topics. Within channels, users can post messages, upload files, share images and more.

Already using Discord or just starting? Maximize your Discord experience with these top tips!

1. Organize multiple servers with folders.

Discord helps you stay organized by creating server folders to categorize your servers. To create a folder, go to the left-hand pane, drag one server icon over another and they’ll be placed in the same folder. Remove an icon by dragging it out. Right click a folder for folder settings, where you can name folders, change colors and more.

2. Control Your Discord Notifications.

Notifications from multiple servers can be overwhelming — but Discord makes notifications easy to manage on the server, channel, and user levels. You can edit general notification settings by clicking on the cog next to your personal avatar and going to User Settings > Notifications. To change server notifications, right click on the particular server’s icon. Choose Server Mute to mute notices entirely, or Notification Settings to customize server notices. Lastly, alerts for a specific channel can be edited – just right click on the particular channel and choose the amount of time you want to mute.

3. Protect yourself with Discord Two-Factor Authentication.

Discord allows you to protect your information by turning on 2FA. Every time you log in, 2FA will require you to enter your password and a numerical authentication code sent to your phone. To enable 2FA on Discord, go to Settings > My Account > Enable Two-Factor Auth.

4. Manage Direct Messaging and Security.

Within Discord, you can customize security through the “Privacy & Safety” tab of your Settings. Your direct message settings will determine which messages are scanned for explicit media content, and will further allow you to turn off direct messages. Within that section, you can also select how Discord uses your data, whether for product improvement or customization of Discord services. Users can also request a copy of their collected data from Discord over the lifetime of your account.

5. Integrate Discord with Other Apps.

Discord permits integration with common apps, including Twitch, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Paypal and Xbox Live and more. Integration allow you to sync the data from the linked app directly into your Discord server. For example, linking Spotify allows you to listen with friends or let you see what friends are listening to. Integrating your Twitch channel with Discord lets you chat with subscribers, or as a viewer, lets you chat with streamers on their Discord servers.

6. Customize Voice Settings for Chat.

Voice channels in Discord let you hang out with friends over voice and video simply by clicking on a voice channel within a server. You can improve your experience by adjusting settings for your microphone or headset. Go to Settings > My Account > App Settings  > Voice & Video. Features that you can switch on and off include Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression and Automatic Gain Control. You can also use a beta noise suppression tool for your microphone and perform a mic or video test. Discord further lets you adjust the volume of a particular speaker by right-clicking their avatar and moving the volume slider.

7. Stand out with Formatted Discord Comments.

With some simple commands, you can make your Discord messages stand out. Discord supports the Markdown text formatting prompts to create bold, italic, underscored text and more. Try out these prompts: Bold: [TEXT] Italics: [TEXT] or [TEXT] Underscore: [TEXT]. Then, to see a full list of prompts, go to https://www.markdownguide.org/cheat-sheet/.

8. Share your Screen.

Whether you’re conducting or meeting of video chatting with friends, Discord supports screensharing on a computer or mobile device. Once you’re connected to voice, the screenshare button will appear at the bottom of your screen. A system message will ask if you’re ready to start sharing, and when you press “Start now,” screensharing will begin. To watch a friend’s stream, press “Join/Watch Stream,” when the option pops up. Multiple participants can share screens all at once. Make sure to protect your privacy by closing other apps and switching to Do Not Disturb mode prior to sharing your screen.

9. Try out Discord Nitro.

For a fee, Discord’s pro subscription version, called Discord Nitro, offers enhanced features including a custom Discord tag, custom emojis, profile customization, multiple profiles, server boosts, longer messages, upgraded streaming and more. For frequent users, creators and community leaders, Nitro’s extras can go a long way toward enhancing the Discord experience.


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