July 30, 2022

NFTs are growing in popularity, and so are investments in them. Collecting NFTs is one of the smartest investment choices of 2022, but you would need an NFT wallet to do so. One important factor to note is that the NFT wallet should be able to support the currency you use to buy the NFT. For example, if you're buying an NFT with Ether, the wallet should be able to support the currency. 

The majority of the NFT wallets available are built on the Ethereum blockchain and will support the currency easily, but a few of them stand heads and shoulders above the rest. In this article, we delve into the 4 best NFT wallets of 2022.

  1. Metamask

 Metamask holds a reputation for being one of the most popular NFT wallets around. It has a browser extension service that connects users to NFT marketplaces in just a few clicks. Metamask allows users the opportunity to create multiple accounts different from the one holding their cryptocurrency, or one can simply set up a single address for all the NFTs purchased. ConSenSys is the company responsible for the creation of metamask, and in 2020 they created a  mobile app that allows holdings to sync flawlessly between the mobile and web versions of the wallet. The app also contains a built-in browser for dApps and NFT marketplaces. Metamask also has a built-in swap feature, and you can limit how much you pay in gas fees. Also, Metamask allows you to use a different blockchain if you feel like it and offers support for different platforms.

  1. Math Wallet

One of the strongest selling points of the Math Wallet is that it supports over 70 different blockchains. It is a great alternative for those who aren't keen on using Metamask. It offers a web, desktop, and mobile version, and all sync flawlessly. Math Wallet also lets users create multiple addresses for transactions. The wallet also has a built-in dApp browser and allows users to view NFT marketplaces. It also offers features such as staking and swapping, and even has its own utility totoken.

  1. AlphaWallet

Alpha's strong support for blockchain games and NFTs is its most distinctive characteristic from other wallets. It is a cryptocurrency wallet, and although has a few limitations like being mobile-only and Ethereum-only, it still represents a good choice for an NFT wallet. Its simple user interface makes it user-friendly for beginners who recently discovered the wallet. The wallet allows users to add meta tags to their tokens, thus allowing them to easily find them when browsing through their collections. AlphaWallet works with OpenSea, Dragonerum, CryptoKitties, and Chain Z Arena, which are just a few of the blockchain gaming and NFT arenas they work with. The offer also built-in dApp browsers just like other wallets, and also direct access to DeFi applications such as Compound.

  1. Trust Wallet

Trust wallet was created by Binance and this is sometimes a turnoff for many investors, still, it makes the list as one of the best performing wallets. Although it supports many blockchains including Ethereum, its affiliations with Binance mean it can be biased towards smart chain collections. This wallet works best for collectors interested in NFTs on the Binance smart chain, and the wallet already has the BEPs set up. Like other wallets, Trust Wallet has its built-in dApp browser for accessing NFT marketplaces and permits users to swap currency, so they have the necessary currency to purchase a token.


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