The Run Ed Collection: The Web3 Artist Creating History, And Breaking

July 1, 2022

The  “Run Ed" collection by Ed Balloon, an artist, community leader, and musician, illuminates the reality of many web3 artists. People who, in the face of adversity, continue to work on their craft as they seek to unbox themselves.


The Run Ed is a one-of-a-kind collection, both in production and representation. Ethereum-based, the collection generative sound and motion picture project. 1000 animated pieces that combine stop motion, 2D and 3D animation, music, and sound.


It's a project celebrates the underdogs. Calling out social stereotypes, insecurities, and the struggles of a black child to break free of social expectations.


Each NFT is an eight (8) second, stop motion animation clip of Ed B "The Puppet," an IRL silicone puppet that made in the image of, Ed Balloon himself.


The Run Ed Collection: Drop Overview


On April 28th, 2022, the collection presale began. Unlike many project drops though, Ed Balloon and the team prioritized access in the mechanics.


-  a more accessible price point than his other collections

-  1 per wallet presale, 2 on public mint to get as many unique holders as possible

- community partnerships with values-aligned people and projects that always supported Ed


Also impressive is the commitment of 50% of secondary royalties used to buy art from 1/1 Black & underrepresented artists. To date "The Ed Balloon Generational Wealth Fund" (EBGWF) has raised over 3ETH and purchased work from 3 Black artists in web3.


Also unique and intentional was the motivation for this large drop. This collection is the first-ever NFT project used to raise funds for the production of a pilot web(3)isode of The Ed B "The Puppet" Show.


A month after its debut, the Ed collection has made history, partnered with 20 of the largest NFT communities, boasts some of the largest names in NFTs as some of the 600+ holders, and raised $335,000 USD in less than 3.5 days.


The Run Ed Collection: What To Expect Next


Now, just over two month since launch, the project shows no signs of slowing down.


The contract for the ED B "The Puppet" show is finalized with an LA animation studio. Character and world creation is underway, and a Fall 2022 pilot completion date is confirmed.


All of this led by the one-of-a-kind artist, musician, and community leader, Ed Balloon, who is pushing himself and his craft to a new level. In the last month Ed's list of accomplishments include:


- Top 100 in NFTs by

- Inclusion in TIME magazine

- Produced, Shot, and SOLD "You're Not Giving Enough" music video for 9ETH

- Performed and spoke at Coindesk's Consensus 2022

- Performed and spoke at the biggest parties and events in NFT.NYC including, Deadfellaz, Digital Diaspora, NFTSEA, Rug Radio, and SUGOI


Safe to say that expectations are high for this Black kid from Boston and his team. But no matter the accomplishments to date, they’re still getting up every day, putting on their shoes, and hitting the track. Because living their truth isn't a choice; it's a must.


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