Google + Coinbase Partner To Offer Crypto Payments for Cloud Services

November 1, 2022

Google and Coinbase have announced a partnership that will enable crypto payments for cloud services, and more. Here's what you need to know:

The Details

The partnership involves a string of shared tech services between both companies:

Google will:

  • accept crypto payments for cloud services from select web3 customers starting early 2023
  • use Coinbase Prime for its institutional crypto services, like custody and reporting
  • use Coinbase’s cloud nodes to power their BigQuery crypto public datasets for blockchain developers

Coinbase will:

  • use Google Cloud’s compute platform to process blockchain data at scale
  • leverage Google’s fiber-optic network
  • build its global data platform on Google Cloud’s infrastructure

Shares of Coinbase were up over 6% at over $71 the afternoon following this announcement

The Strategy


  • add more services to their web3 offerings, including
  • ETH wallet balances showing up on Google search; and
  • Cloud Services partnering with Binance to support web3 + blockchain startups
  • provide solutions to developers that streamline the building process for decentralized applications (dApps)


  • leverage secure data sources to provide customers with ML-driven crypto insights
  • improve the global reach of its crypto services by onboarding new users
  • increase brand awareness and authority by partnering with one of the world’s largest tech companies

The Review

The measure of a true partnership is mutual benefit and growth opportunities for both parties. This is exactly what we see with the Google and Coinbase partnership, making it a 5/5 in my books.

Two big businesses - one traditional and one web3 - leveraging each other’s authority, audience, and technology. With a focus on a critical mechanism for web3 ecosystem growth - developers.

Disclaimer: this article reviews Google and Coinbases' recent web3 business decisions. It is not a reflection or statement of my views of these companies or any other areas of their businesses.


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